Womens AFL at Dominic College

On Tuesday 13 September Dominic College’s Year 5/6 Girls AFL team played their inaugural match at Dominic College against the Holy Rosary girls AFL team.

The girls have trained in the lead up to the match this week and have worked hard on their kicking, handballing, positioning on the field and their use of voice. The match on Tuesday was played with amazing courage, skill and determination from the girls. The tackling was a sight to behold and some of the link up play from the girls was a testament to their knowledge of the game.

A large crowd of students and spectators watched the match in perfect conditions for football. Congratulations to all of the girls from Dominic and Holy Rosary who played in this inaugural match. We look forward to planning another friendly match in Term 4 this year.
Mr Cameron Golding - K-6 Sports Coordinator

(PS Both sides kicked a few goals, but the Dominic girls won.)