World Read Aloud Day

On the first week of school for 2021, Dominic College celebrated World Read Aloud Day. This popular event celebrates the joy of reading and sharing stories in three easy steps:

1. Select a book 2. Find a buddy 3. Read aloud!

It was lovely to see our K-10 students taking time out to share their favourite books with each other. A highlight was one of our Year 10 students rushing to the Library after reading with his Year 6 buddy to borrow the book they had read together! Reading aloud provides a number of opportunities and benefits for children of all ages including strengthening their vocabulary, increasing their attention span, building connections between the spoken and written word, providing a way of exploring and discussing emotions and perhaps most importantly providing enjoyment.

So, why not grab a book and a buddy and share a book together on the weekend!

Mrs. Sarah Bromfield - College Librarian K-10