Year 10 exams begin soon

It is an important time for our Year 10 students as they focus on their upcoming exams, which begin with English on Friday 18 November.

In preparation, students are encouraged to create a study timetable, to print out their exam timetable and place it in a prominent place. You can access a pdf of the exam timetable here: Exam Timetable 2016.

Students should be asking their teachers for assistance if they have any questions (such as, topics covered, format of the exam, what to prepare and how long to spend on each question).

Know when and where your exam is held, how long it will last and what you need to take with you.

Remember to use the reading time wisely. Read the question carefully and don’t forget to highlight key words. Take notice of the action words, such as compare, describe or define. Take the time to plan answers, jotting down key points first. Attempt every question.

Note how many marks are allocated to each question and work out your time plan. Read the instructions carefully and try and stay calm. Focus on one question at a time. Work to your time plan.

Student attendance and commitment to their studies is a high priority at Dominic and parents are reminded that if there are any issues such as illness or unforeseen circumstances during the exam period, they should notify the College immediately.

It is important that students do not leave the College for appointments after the exam as they are required to continue attending normal classes. Parents and guardians should contact Mrs Ganga Fraser, Coordinator of Teaching and Learning 7-10, if they have any questions. Below is the Exam schedule. We wish all our Year 10 students the best for their Year 10 examinations.

Mrs Ganga Fraser - 7-10 Coordinator of Teaching & Learning