​Year 4 Camp – An Amazing Adventure

Recently, our Year 4 students set off on an amazing adventure; their first overnight school camp at Dominic College! The camp location was Blue Lagoon, Dodges Ferry, and the purpose of the camp was to develop stronger connections and relationships with each other, connect with the outdoors, focus on Aboriginal heritage and culture and help students to recognise the importance of sustainability and how they can be stewards of our environment.

The camp was very successful and we are so proud of the Year 4 students for their resilience and enthusiasm, the way they tried new things, and participated wholeheartedly in all camp activities! Over the two days, students rotated through three activities; archery, team building, and slides/trampolines/ga ga ball. We also included plenty of free time where students were able to enjoy the amazing facilities including an indoor sports stadium, games room with eight ball and fuse ball and the Bayroom for piano and talent show practice.

The beautiful views from Blue Lagoon across Frederick Henry Bay were just breathtaking. Year 4 also spent time on Blue Lagoon Beach. A special Acknowledgement of Country was held whilst overlooking ‘Red Ochre’ beach. Students imagined the past; both sights and sounds and spoke about the changing landscape. We were all able to reflect on their own relationship with the land and the care that they need to show to protect our environment. They also had a fantastic play on the beach and participated in a team challenge called ‘Fast Track’ where they put their knowledge of force and motion into action building tracks to try and keep a tennis ball rolling for as long as possible. The creations were trialed and tested and adjustments were made before the final timed run which produced some impressive results.

We also held a wonderful talent show where the students showcased some amazing dance routines, songs, jokes, magic tricks,-n and plays. The highlight being ‘Baby Shark’ played on the piano by Samuel! Year 4 were introduced to their first Salesian Goodnight where they were able to reflect on their day and go to bed with an understanding of the spiritual message of our Camp Liturgy. This is a special moment of every Dominic Camp.

Year 4 is already excited about their Year 5 camp next year! Thank you to our amazing parents for preparing students so well for camp, and our wonderful staff who made the camp a huge success – especially Mr Hyatt, Br Barry, Ms Baker and Mr Golding!

Mrs Allison Lowe, Mrs Bradi McGee and Mrs Olivia Stephen - Year 4 Teachers