Year 5 Taster Day at Dominic

On 19 June, Year 5 students from Dominic College, St Bridget’s, St Paul’s, St Theresa’s and Holy Rosary attended the annual Dominic Year 5 Taster Day.

The Taster Day was held in a variety of classrooms and eduational spaces around the College, with many Year 9 Dominic students helping out, supervising and assisting the Year 5 students throughout the day.

A range of different interactive activities were set up for each school and the groups alternated between activities, such as a scavenger hunt in the animal husbandry area, drama, art sessions, boxing and physical session in the gym, tours around the College, Digital Technologies sessions and an Empower session.

Each and every school’s participation in the activities was fantastic!

At the end of the day, each school participated in the Dominic cup. The activities set up for the Cup were the ones we use in our own Dominic Day Cup: the wheel barrow run, head ball, hoopla, the tyre roll, soccer dribble, ball in the bucket and Frisbee throw.

The Dominic Cup gave Year 5 students a chance to compete against each other for a bit of fun, with the winner taking out the Cup.

Congratulations to St Paul’s, who were the overall winners of the cup for 2018. The students enjoyed themselves throughout the day with many smiles being shared and well done to all who made the day a huge success. We hope to see a number of these students back at Dominic in 2020!

Hayley Curtain - Year 9 Student