Year 6 in the MMK program

The Mamma Margaret Kitchen Garden Program has become an integral part of the Year 6 Technology syllabus.

Over the last three years the program has evolved to be significantly different to that of the other year groups. Overall the focus of the semester long course is for students to work independently to read recipes and individually practise the basic kitchen skills which form the basis of the MMK program.

To best facilitate this increasing independence, students work without parent help for the first time. Initially the students work in groups of three to prepare a recipe during the first term but by the time Term 2 is underway all students are working on their own to prepare their own recipe from scratch.

The development of confident food preparation skills is exciting to witness and students certainly enjoy the satisfaction of knowing they can do it for themselves.

This year for the first time the two Year 6 classes have been timetabled in the ‘big’ kitchen where they will experience their Home Economics classes next year.

A highlight of the year has been the catering experience which both classes enjoyed as part of the Migration Morning Tea which formed a major part of the History unit earlier this term.

Both classes made scones, zucchini slice, chocolate brownies and ribbon sandwiches, and set up tea and coffee for approximately 60 students and grandparents, under the watchful eye of Ms Moulton, Mrs Swan and Mrs Hawkins.

The food looked and tasted delicious and was enjoyed by all.

Mrs Roslyn Hawkins - Applied Studies Teacher