Year 6 Say It Loud

Say it Loud is an ongoing playbuilding project which all students in Year 6 have been developing in their Drama classes. The project culminates in a performance of their original work. This performance will be presented next Tuesday June 25. Each class has a difference performance time scheduled. All performances will be in the Oratory Space.

Students are to wear a plain black t-shirt and shorts/pants/leggings.

Students need to be at school 30 minutes prior to their performance time. They are to go to their classroom to prepare for performance.

Each performance will run for approximately 20 minutes.

The Oratory Space is an ideal venue for our students, however, it has a limited seating capacity and due to the number of students and available seating, families and friends will only be able to view the performance of the student they are there to support.

Please use Trybooking to reserve your free tickets.

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me on:

Ms Sam Healy - Drama teacher