Year 6 students say it their way

Year 6 students at Dominic College recently premiered their production of ‘Say It Loud!’ The annual show featured three original one act plays devised, scripted and presented by the students.

Now in its fourth year at Dominic College, ‘Say It Loud!’ is the culmination of the College’s primary drama curriculum in which students develop, produce and stage their own plays.

The Year 6 play building program commences for the students with the question: What would you say if you knew everyone was listening?

Over two terms, students then respond to this question exploring an issue that directly affects their age group or a local-global issue they feel passionate about and want to share through ‘Say it Loud!’.

Dominic College’s Director of Creative Arts, Mr Mike O’Brien, said ‘Say it Loud’ was a playbuilding program unique to Dominic College.

This year one group of Year 6 students developed The Kindness Project - a humorous look at how small acts of kindness can have an enormous impact. The cast shared stories of kindness that had changed their own lives, and positioned the play as part of the campaign to spread kindness globally.

Another Year 6 group wrote and produced their play about growing up to develop a deeper awareness for their audience of the significant rites of passage all young people go through.

The third group of students wrote a powerful play about the world re-imagined as a village of just 100 people.

The performances were excellent and showed how each student contributed. Drama teachers Ms Brownrigg and Ms Hooper were very pleased with a polished and entertaining production, and the shows were warmly received by family and friends. Well done, Year 6!

You can see photos from all three class performances on our gallery: Say It Loud! 2017.