Year 7 and Year 8 retreats

Last Thursday and Friday, Years 7 and 8 enjoyed a retreat day at Montrose Bay. The focus was on resilience, self-knowledge and authenticity, making good choices, and being a ‘maybe, just maybe’ person – someone who is brave enough to step out of their comfort zone and rise to new challenges.

Students considered the importance of taking time away from everyday business to reflect on the deeper life issues that concern every person.

They considered that in order to achieve great accomplishments and to be the best we can be, we have to actively use our strengths and work on our weaknesses.

By naming the qualities of students, staff, family members and celebrities who inspire us, students discussed what they can do to ‘be more’.

Each Year 7 student was invited to write a letter to themselves about the type of person they want to be when they are by themselves, with friends and family and at school; these letters will be returned to them on the day of their Year 10 Retreat.

Students were also given the opportunity to examine the effects of positive behaviours.

During a concluding ritual, they finished statements, ‘Sometimes I feel worthwhile, this happens when...’ and ‘I’m thankful for the quality of... because this helps me...’

Students then read out these statements and placed them in a box as a reminder of the importance of giving our gifts. Jesus chose ordinary people to do His work, so we can too. We all have inner gifts and talents to offer those around us.

There was also fun and games – and sharing delicious food!

Mr Timothy Swan - K-10 Director of Mission