Year 7 camps at Fortescue Bay

Year 7 attended camp last week in House groups. Siena and Guzman went Monday-Wednesday, Savio and Bosco went Wednesday-Friday. While one group went on a 6 km hike to Bivouac Bay, the other went kayaking and did beach activities.

During the hike many people got attacked by leeches! Two Houses were lucky enough to see a seal. We were all expecting the hike to be really difficult but it ended up not being as challenging as we thought it might. At Bivouac Bay we all had to sleep underneath tarps, which was challenging and pretty cosy. Whilst we were at Bivouac, Guzman were there too, as they got caught in an electrical storm.

From base camp there was a 20-minute walk to a lookout point over all the bays. We took in the view and thanked all the people that had helped us.

Some of the highlights of the trip included Kayaking in the Lagoon, which included some students getting out of their kayaks and running around the outside of the boats. Whilst half of one house were kayaking, the other half were having fun on the beach. The beach was amazing and everyone enjoyed the freshen up.

Another highlight was the surfing, Red Herring Surf came down to Eaglehawk Neck and took us for a 2-hour surf session, many students were able to stand up and we learnt a lot about the dangers in the ocean. We all looked pretty professional running into the surf with our wetsuits and surfboards.

Cooking on trangias, wasn’t fun, though - we had to wait around one hour just to boil water and we certainly are appreciative of our mum’s home cooking.

On behalf of the Year 7s, we want to thanks all of the teachers, staff and coordinators. It was an excellent opportunity to gain House spirit and get to know other people. Photos are on our website gallery: Year 7 camp.

Peter Swan and Maddison Cockerill - Year 7 students