Year 7s visit UTAS museum

This week our Year 7 students visited the John Elliott Classics Museum at the University of Tasmania as part of their Ancient Societies studies in Humanities.

I took Year 7 Siena yesterday and it was a terrific experience for all of us.

Whilst the museum is relatively small – it contains some wonderful treasures representative of art and culture from the ancient worlds, particularly Greece, Rome and Egypt.

Students really enjoyed the primary source investigation activities using the artefacts.

The highlight of the visit for students was the opportunity of making their own protective amulets.

Students were engaged, focused and worked intelligently with the sources. It was a pleasure to be with them on this excursion.

It was also great to hear students talking about attending UTAS once they finish GYC and the kinds of courses in which they are already interested!

Beth Gilligan - Dominic College Principal