Year 8 camp - girls report

Camp was a great experience for all of us, leading us to the beginning of our Year 9 Rite Journey.

For some students it was about overcoming fears, learning new things and having new experiences and for others it refreshed our minds, made us think differently and have time to reflect on our Empower program at Dominic College.

The activities we did on camp consisted of surfing, kayaking, raft building, reflection, cooking and hiking. Hiking was the biggest challenge for many people on camp because it was a new experience for most, however, it gave us time to connect with other students, teachers and push personal boundaries. Raft building was the most connecting activity on camp because everyone’s opinion mattered to keep everyone afloat, however, most were not successful because it was difficult - but extremely fun.

Both nights we walked to a beautiful place for reflection that was held by a staff member who accompanied us. In reflection we thought about for whom we were grateful and the graduation of the rock and water program. We created memories at camp with our peers and teachers. We developed new skills and tried new things. It was an experience to remember thanks to all of the teachers on camp who made our experience possible.

Promise Mudzingwa and Aynee Williams - Year 8 students