Year 8 Dance - A Year of Opportunities

It has been a year of opportunities in Dance. Not only have students developed work in different styles, they have also been able to do this in different venues.

For the majority of the year, Dance classes have been held at Jenina’s Dance Workshop Studios. Our students have enjoyed being able to pursue their craft in a professional, fully equipped dance venue. In the online/remote learning period, students managed to develop choreography, work on drilling and refining large group pieces as well as test and expand their dance technique in their own homes. For a short period, the Little Theatre was the venue for class and early this term, both Year 8 classes participated in a workshop in the Oratory space. In the second semester, Year 8 Dance classes worked on a piece that involved both classes. ‘Dem Beats’, an upbeat and energetic Jazz piece was developed separately with both classes combining to polish the performance before it was filmed under stage lights in the Oratory Space.

Physical flexibility is a requirement for a dancer, but being able to adapt to working in different spaces and be flexible enough to adapt to different spaces and routines adds another dimensional to the process of Dance. Our Dance students have embraced the opportunities that have arisen this year.

Mr Mike O’Brien - Director of Creative Arts