​Year 8 Retreat

On Monday 9 May, Year 8 students travelled to Lindisfarne Rowing Club for their Retreat Day. The theme for Retreat was Love Thy Neighbour. Students unpacked who their ‘neighbours’ are, both in a local and global context, with a focus on those in need and the less fortunate. They were able to analyse and creatively explore how Jesus interacted with his ‘neighbours’ and how he calls us to treat everyone today.

The Retreat had a strong focus on Service Learning and how we can give back to others. The Year 8 students have created a partnership with the Don Bosco Youth Centre in Fiji. During the day, students designed t-shirts and bucket hats that will be sent over to the children at the Youth Centre. Students were encouraged to make designs about Dominic College, Australia and Tasmania, the theme of the day, and to have messages of welcome, love and community. In the coming weeks, the t-shirts and bucket hats will be sent to our fellow Salesian’s in Fiji, and we can’t wait to hear back from them! Students concluded the day by writing letters to themselves that they will get back on their Year 10 Retreat, and by having a close Liturgy reflecting on the key messages of the day.

All Year 8 students are to be commended for their brilliant behaviour and enthusiasm – all the Year 8 teachers were very impressed!

Mr Adam Lapolla Religious Education Coordinator 7-10