Year 9 Empower - The Calling

Last Thursday night and Friday morning, Year 9 students as part of the Year 9 EMPOWER Program ‘The Rite Journey’, undertook a significant ceremony called ‘The Calling.’ It was an overnight gender-based experience in which students started their Rite of Passage and looked into the adult they wish to be. Thanks to all the staff who were involved and made this such a memorable event. Our students provided the following account:

Last Thursday, all of the Year 9 boys and girls spent the night at Dominic doing different activities. Some of these activities helped people come out of their shells and try new things.

These activities included writing down things that we want to have, or be able to do, when we are older such as being the man of the house, cooking up burritos and/or tacos for the girls and going outside and playing around.

We played a game called “Cavaliers” with the girls, where we assembled into a boys circle and a girls circle and had a lot of fun .

This was my favourite part of the camp at school. After that we did some work on stereotypes and also watched a movie called ‘Coach Carter’
Aiden Waller

At 4 o’clock on Thursday after school, all the girls in Year 9 gathered to start our activities.

The first activity was based on our mind and reflection, we were asked to leave the room and find a spot by ourselves and answer some questions about childhood.

Once we finished the activity, we moved on to the next one, which was craft-based. We all made putty putties, which were made of long leaves and looked like a flower and it represented our childhood, and we had to write something that we wanted to let go about our childhood.

The last activity we did was a music-based activity. We all took a musical instrument and we were told to do different patterns and beats. After we finished our activities, we headed down to the Savio centre where the boys had generously made us dinner. We started playing some fun games with the boys.

After, we headed back up to the Savio hub, to watch a movie called ‘Looking for Alibrandi’ then we all got ready for bed and tried to get some sleep ready for Friday.
Alyssa Mustchin

On Friday 23 February, after a restless night’s sleep, the Year 9 boys woke up weary eyed to the sound of an alarm at 4.30am.

After a quick pack up of our sleeping bags and mats, we got dressed and ready for the trip to the top of Mt Wellington. Once we arrived at the top of the mountain, the boys stepped into the bitter cold. We sat and watched an absolute stunning sunrise which filled the sky with a beautiful orange tinge, this was my first time witnessing a sunrise along with many of the other boys.

The sunrise was followed by a quick feed of weet-bix and milk, to start the 20km walk down the mountain. The walk was quite a work-out for all the boys especially Dylan who was carrying a large rock in his back-pack unknowingly. The boys then arrived at school to a feed of sausages kindly prepared by the Year 9 girls.
Billie Green

Last Friday, the Year 9 girls woke up bleary eyed but excited in the darkness at 4.50am ready to embark on our journey up Mount Wellington for the sunrise. We didn’t know what to expect but I knew it was going to be a memorable morning for us all.

We arrived on Mt Wellington in time to experience a beautiful sunrise which did not disappoint at all. We all sat in silence at the lookout and took in the beautiful colours of the morning. It was a very special experience together that we will always remember.

Once we had watched the sunrise we had a quick break for breakfast and then embarked on our walk down the mountain.

One of our activities to do on the hike was to place our putty putties we had made the previous night in the stream under a waterfall to symbolise us letting our childhood go and embracing womanhood. The walk was difficult at times but definitely worth the views and wildlife we saw along the way. We made it back to school in good time to make our barbecue lunch for the boys and for us all to share which was delicious.

Overall it was an amazing opportunity we all got to experience together that brought us closer as a year group. The Calling made our transition into adulthood exciting and memorable.
Annalize Moase

You can see more photos on our gallery: The Calling.

Mr Aaron Davey - Coordinator of Pastoral Care 7-10