Year 9 - The Abyss

In the final week of Term 4 all of the Year 9 cohort went on a journey called The Abyss.

The Abyss is a part of a course called “The Right Journey” and is a program taught all around Australia. The Abyss is for both boys and girls and is where you set up a tent, bring your own food, sleeping bag and clothes and sleep in a tent overnight whilst being unable to talk or communicate with anyone.

You also cannot bring any electronic devices and it’s a time for reflection. You’re given a piece of paper and on it is a set of questions you need to answer in your own time. It helps you reflect on what type of man/women you want to become. It helps you think about times that may have helped you become the person you are today and who helped you on this journey.

We then wake up to a BBQ breakfast of eggs and bacon rolls. Those who didn’t talk passed and those who did talk or use their phones failed but it’s not about who passed or failed, it’s about the experience and what you got out if it.

My experience was quite normal, especially compared to Khyle who decided to sleep in a tree or Tom who went around on all four hands and feet. I thought of who had helped me to become the young man I am today and later I went and thanked them.

After school, we have a Homecoming Ceremony, where we shared some food and many of the boys shared their experiences of the Rite Journey with their families. It was a great celebration, following an excellent year of Pastoral Care.

Jarrod Good – Year 9 Guzman student